They beget other happy customers …

It’s true.

Look at the Amazon business model: Get a great product. Deliver it to your customers. Make those customers really happy. Find more and more products to deliver to the customers you have, and they will find you new customers. Pretty simple.



Make a list. Check it twice.

Do you know each and every attraction on your farm?
The actual number of things to do?
Does everyone in your organization (Hi, Mary and Nancy! How are ya?) call them by the same names?
Do you have a photo of each attraction? Is it posted on your website?

(:15 Promo terms)


Put your mark on it!

Hopefully, everyone already has their branding established. This is an example of a family of logos — which are required for varying uses of your brand. Use with or without consistent brand copy. Note: Consider seasonal brand copy, if you are open for more than one season.


Is your farm “asleep” on the Internet?

It can take anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks for Google to crawl/index your website, but remember that your website is not your only Internet presence. It can also take a serious amount of time to accelerate your Facebook account to it’s optimum reach capacity — and to establish a strong reciprocal link between all social media platforms and your website.

It’s just like farming. There’s always something to do. And you have to PLANT before you can HARVEST, strange as that may seem!

Digital Marketing

Do you see the light?

Or does this just look like Alphabet Soup to you? Let’s take a look at what makes up the hotte$t job (or jobs) on the Internet, so you’re in-the-know when someone who wants to sell you Digital Marketing services.

Internet Presence vs Website
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
Content Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Campaign Marketing
Email Direct Marketing
Data-Driven Marketing
Display Advertising


Look like chicken scratchings?

The first stop on your annual marketing journey should be your website’s Analytics!

Find out who came to visit, where they came from, and when they came.
See how long they stayed and what they viewed.
Learn what kind of device they used to access your site (smartPhone, iPad, desktop).
Discover what search terms THEY used to find you.
Who were your biggest referrals … and who’s missing from your referral listing?