What if …

What if you created a series of themes for weekends of your fall season? Not a “special event” that will flop if you’re rained out, but themes that will give some variation to the marketing content/focus for the season. Themes have the potential to bring customers back more than once during a season.

Fall Theme Concepts

Harvest moon, pumpkin fest/festival, Halloween (costumes, jack-o-lanterns), animal themed fun (pig races, goat walk, duck racing), El Día de los Muertos, fitness (with a farm “knobstacle course” for all ages), bonfires (the Aggies do a great one!) … other ideas?

Example: Goat Fest

They actually have one in Arkansas. Fix up the goat walk with non-edible decor? Stage a few did-you-know facts signs. Free goat food to the first 100 folks that check-in on Facebook. Stage some really cute goat photo props (with your farm name in view). Goat parade — goats in costume? Goat races.

Promo Ops: Bring your kids to meet our kids; fun goat facts, check-in deal for goat feed, lots of pre-event goat photos/story on Instagram, goat types boards on Pinterest, albums on FlickR, blog posts.